Driver Safety Program

Driver Safety Program

The Driver Safety Program website will be moving to the Enterprise Risk Management site at by the end of August 2018.

The University’s Driver Safety Program establishes policy and procedures governing employee use of privately- and University-owned vehicles for business purposes.  The program has been implemented to ensure the safety of employees, student and the public and comply with CSU and California mandates.

Prior authorization must be obtained before operating a privately- or University-owned motorized vehicle on University business (including powered carts, tractors, forklifts and rented vehicles).  Authorized drivers must possess a valid driver’s license, maintain a good driving record, and complete Skillport 'Defensive Driving Fundamentals' training.

To apply for authorization to drive on University business:

CompleteAuthorization to Drive on University Business’ form.  Additional forms may be required.  EHS will contact you accordingly.

  1. Drop-off the completed form(s) at EHS in ADM 260 or fax to (415) 338-0597.  For your security-PLEASE DO NOT E-MAIL.
  2. Applicants will receive an e-mail confirmation and instructions for completing the on-line Skillport driver training.
  3. Complete Skillport training
  4. Drop-off Skillport Driver Safety Training  ‘Certificate of  Completion’ at EHS in ADM 260 or fax to (415)-338-0597. 
  5.  EHS will e-mail you and the Travel Office a confirmation that you have been approved to drive.

Instructions for printing the Driver Safety Program Skillport training certificate: 

Once you have completed your training, exit the test window. Return to the main page and select  'Quick Links'.  Select 'Learning Transcript'.  Select the  'Actions' link to the far right in the same row as the 'Defensive Driving Fundamentals'. You will see a drop down menu, select 'View Certificate'.

Authorization is valid for four (4) years provided that supervisor approval, a valid driver’s license and good driving record is maintained.

Additional Forms:

Drop-off completed form(s) at EHS in ADM 260 or fax to (415) 338-0597.  Please DO NOT E-MAIL.

Authorization To Use Privately Owned Vehicles On State Business (STD. 261)  Effective 07/01/16 Supervisor Signature is no longer required for this form. 

DMV Pull Notice

Registry of Authorized Drivers

The SF State Registry of Authorized Drivers is updated once each semester and available upon request.

Email requests to or contact Environment, Health and Safety at (415) 338-2565.

Passenger Vans

Employees who drive 8- to 12-passenger vans for University business are required to complete CSU-approved Passenger Van Driver Training.

Passenger vans handle very differently from smaller passenger vehicles because they are typically longer, higher, and wider. They require additional reliance on the side mirrors for changing lanes, more space, additional braking distances, and have a higher risk of crashes and rollovers if not properly driven and maintained. Please contact us at (415) 338-2565 for additional information on Passenger Van Driver training.


NOTE:  Passenger vehicles carrying more than 14 passengers are commercial vehicles and may not be operated without a valid commercial driver’s license and additional approval.  Participation in the Driver Safety Program does not authorize employees to operate commercial vehicles on University business.

For further information, refer to the CSU Vehicle Guide Book.



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