Laboratory Safety Inspection Program

Make Safety Happen

Laboratory Inspection and Remediation Process

Effective October 10, 2016

(Distributed via e-mail and posted on EH&S and COSE Website)

In consultation from the Dean of COSE, the following actions will be taken to improve laboratory safety:

  •     EH&S has developed a schedule for inspecting all laboratories on campus and will increase the number of inspections over the prior year. 
  •     A common checklist and report will be used by EH&S that serves also as a Self-Inspection checklist so that everyone knows what to expect.  Click here for Inspection Checklist.
  •     We will institute a peer review process that will evaluate the inspection findings and confirm corrective actions.   The peer review members will be made up of faculty or staff with a variety of expertise and may be expanded or contracted based on the findings presented     in the inspection report.  The peer review members will vet EH&S recommendations with rigor and with primary consideration for life safety and security and evaluation of effectiveness.

o   Following a laboratory inspection, the findings will be submitted to the Director of EH&S. 

o   EH&S will provide a monthly report of findings to the Dean of CoSE and the AVP of Business Operations who will confer on identifying the needed expertise for the peer review.

o   The peer review members will receive the finding information a review meeting will be held (in-person or teleconference).  The AVP of Business Operations Office will provide the Administrative Support to this group.

o   The peer review members will provide their recommendations to the Faculty in charge of the Laboratory and EH&S will follow-up on compliance within no more than 60 days. 

o   Issues that have not been resolved will be escalated to the Lab Safety Committee for further review.

o   Resource constraints will be escalated to the CFO Office for review and then to the Lab Safety Committee.

The Lab Safety Committee will receive regular reports on the progress of this Program.  The Lab Safety Committee will look for ways to recognize those that demonstrate best practices and remediation of safety issues.

As we implement this program we will look for opportunities to refine our processes and will regularly seek input.