Shoes for Crews

Shoes for Crews

EHS will provide Shoes for Crews (SFC) slip-resistant footwear to employees in the departments identified below.  The objective of the SFC program is to reduce the frequency and severity of slips and falls for the employees in these job classifications who work in potentially slippery environments. Reducing slips and falls will ultimately decrease the university’s workers’ compensation costs associated with these types of injuries. It is the intent of this program is to provide high-quality, slip-resistant footwear to those employees whose job duties expose them to slip and fall hazards.

EHS has identified the following departments as eligible for a pair of SFC:

Business Operations-Mail Services, Property, Shipping and Receiving

Facilites-Custodial Services


EHS- Approved Shoes and Boot Style Catalogues:

Custodial Services Catalogue

Work Boots*

*Work Boots are intended for specific environments, confirm with EHS that your department is eligible to order.


Application for Participation in Shoes for Crews

Application for Participation in SFC (Word)

Application for Participation in SFC (PDF)