Food Service Guidelines

This procedure establishes acceptable operating standards for food service at temporary events, including meetings, conferences, and other special events.

These requirements shall apply when any organization or individual proposes to sell, give away or vend food or beverages in any manner at temporary events.

This procedure does not apply to group or organization sponsored meals for which food is communally prepared for consumption by members of the group or organization.

A food permit is not necessary if the distribution involves ONLY non-perishable, individually prepackaged food obtained from a licensed commercial source when such foods are sold in the original packaging provided by the commercial source.

Any questions should be directed to the Campus Environment, Health, and Safety department at 415-338-2565.

General Requirements:

  1. Required Approvals For Serving or Selling Food:
    • Anyone selling and/or serving food must obtain a food safety certification from the Department of Public Health. (
    • All temporary events which are open to the general public where food will be served or sold must be approved by EHS through the GatorXperience permit online approval system.
    • The Student Activities and Events (SAE) will check to see if the Student Leader Orientation training has been completed before final approval.                                                                                                            
    • Student organizations who wish to sponsor an event which will be open to the public must submit an GatorXperience permit request to EHS at least five working days before the event.                                                                
    • Organizations or individuals wishing to use an off-campus caterer shall include the caterer’s license number on the GatorXperience permit request (Note: This EH&S approval is just for the food operations only; other approvals for use of facilities, caterer’s insurance coverage, the serving of alcohol, etc., must be obtained from Enterprise Risk Management.)
  • APPROVED PERMIT SHALL BE POSTED where food is being served or sold.
  1. Prohibited Foods/Items:
  • Perishable items.
    • Custards
    • Foods containing dairy products.
    • Foods containing poultry, meat, fish or eggs.
  • Foods prepared in private homes may not be sold or given away on the San Francisco State University campus. 
  • Also prohibited:
    • The use of hot plates or other electrical appliances.

C. Open Flame Policy:


D. Food Preparation must be conducted by:

  • Members of the student organization, or
  • Any campus catering service , or
  • A licensed off-campus caterer.

Food Handling Sanitation Requirements:

  1. Food Preparation

All food handling, preparation, and serving shall take place at a previously permitted serving station outside of the Cesar Chavez Center.


  1. Food Handlers

All organizations must adhere to all food handling, sanitation, and clean-up policies and requirements located at: explicitly, including the following:

  • Food handlers must be in a healthful condition during food handling.                                     
  • Avoid food handling while sick with colds, flu or other communicable disease.
  • Food handlers must wash their hands with warm water and soap prior to the start of food service activities, after using the restroom, after smoking, eating, and whenever necessary to prevent contamination of food prior to any food handling.

(Hand sanitizer may NOT be substituted for washing hands with warm water and soap.)

  • Food handlers must refrain from eating in food related areas.
  • Food handlers must not commit any act that may result in the contamination or adulteration of food, food contact surfaces, or utensils.
  • Food handlers must wear clean outer garments and restrain their hair.
  • Food handlers must wear new non-latex, vinyl, nitrile, or rubber gloves while handling food.
  • No food prepared in a private home may be used, served, sold, or given away to the public.
  1. Condiments

Condiment containers (ketchup, mustard, onions, relish) must be a pump or squeeze-type container, or have self-closing covers / lids to protect the contents.

Single service packets are recommended. No open containers of relish, onions, salsa, etc. are allowed.

  1. Handwashing Facilities

Restroom facilities with hot and cold water, soap and towel dispensers must be available within 200 feet of the food preparation and service area unless other arrangements are pre-approved by the Campus EHS department.

  1. Ice

Ice used for cooling cannot be used for food preparation or in drinks such as soda, snow cones, or shaved ice.  Ice coolers and chests must be stored at least 6 inches above the ground.

  1. Storage / Service

All food, beverages, utensils, and equipment shall be stored, displayed, and served so they are protected from contamination, and shall be stored off the floor on shelving, boxes, or pallets at least 6 inches above the ground.

  1. Animals

Live animals are not permitted in food facilities or foodbooths.