Universal Waste

Universal wastes are a subset of hazardous wastes and include a catetory of wastes that are widely produced by households and many different types of businesses and academic institutions. 


Click on the links below for a general description of various universal wastes and tips for how to dispsose of them at home.  For information on how to manage these wastes at SFSU, refer to the section below:  "How do I handle..."

How do I handle:

  • Batteries:  Used batteries must be accumulated in a sturdy container and labeled as a Universal Waste.  Labeled plastic containers for the collection of small batteries have been placed in various buildings at SFSU.  Batteries are picked up by EHS periodically for disposal.  DO NOT MAIL USED BATTERIES TO EHSPlease...contact Marsha Elliott, EHS, at 925-922-0391 to request a container for your area. 
  • Lamps:  Used lamps must be placed in a sturdy box and labeled as a Universal Waste.  Generators of used lamps are supplied with boxes and labels.  If you need assistance, contact Marsha Elliott, EHS, at 925-922-0391.
  • Electronic Waste (E-Waste):  E-Waste is managed by the Sustainability Group.
  • Non-Empty Aerosol Cans:  For aerosol cans to be considered "empty" in California, they must be free of residual liquid AND propellant.  Since most "empty" aerosol cans do not meet the definition of empty in California, at SFSU we manage used aerosol cans as Universal Waste.  Used aerosol cans should be collected in a drum.  Contact Marsha Elliott, EHS, at 925-922-0391, for assistance.

Additional Information:


Contact Marsha Elliott
Environmental Compliance Manager, EHS
Cell:  (925) 922-0391
E-Mail:  marshae@sfsu.edu