Campus Health and Safety Committee

What is the Campus Health & Safety Committee? 

The Campus Safety Committee was established to create a safe and healthy environment for the campus community, and is comprised of representatives from across the campus community.

How often does the Campus Safety Committee meet?

   The Committee meets monthly

What would I do if I have a safety concern?  You may take one of the following steps:

1)  Contact the representative from your area by checking the Campus Safety Committee Roster.

2)  Report your concern using the SF State Mobile App.'s "IT Support & Safety Feature"

3)  Contact the Environment, Health, and Safety Department at (415) 338-2565 or

Campus Safety Meeting Schedule 2022 from 2:00 – 3:30 p.m. Zoom Meeting

  • Thursday, 1/13/2022
  • Thursday, 2/10/2022
  • Thursday, 3/10/2022
  • Thursday, 4/7/2022
  • Thursday, 5/12/2022
  • Thursday, 6/9/2022
  • Thursday, 7/7/2022
  • Thursday, 8/4/2022
  • Thursday, 9/8/2022
  • Thursday, 10/6/2022
  • Thursday, 11/3/2022
  • Thursday, 12/1/2022


Scope of the Health and Safety Committee:

The Committee will:
• Review Environmental, Health, & Safety policies and procedures.
• Review risks and evaluate hazards associated with University operations, events, facilities, maintenance, and construction.
• Meet at least quarterly.

At Meetings, Committee members will report on and discuss the following subjects:
• Public Safety & Security (UPD)
• Student Health (SHS)
• Risk Management (ERM)
• Workers Compensation Claims (ERM)
• Business Continuity (ERM)
• Environmental Affairs (EH&S)
• Health & Safety Matters (EH&S)

Membership on the Committee:

  • The Committee seeks representation from all campus groups.
  • Meetings are open to participation by any member of the campus community, on a space available basis.
  • A list of automatic members, based on their job description or title, is included below.
  • A list of current members of the committee is available on the EH&S website.

Quorum Necessary for Voting on Committee Meetings:

  • For the Safety Committee to vote, a quorum must be established.
  • The Chair or Co-Chair and a simple majority of listed members must be present to establish a quorum.

Frequency of Committee Meetings:

  • The Committee will meet not less than four times each year.
  • The Committee has been meeting routinely on a monthly basis for more than 5 years.

Committee Meeting Agendas and Minutes:

  • Meeting agendas are distributed to members by email from the Chairperson.
  • Contemporaneous minutes of meetings will posted on the EH&S webpage.

Code of Conduct:

The expectation is that safety issues are only brought to the Safety Committee after the issues have been raised through proper channels (i.e., reported to a supervisor, or to EH&S).  Attendees must act appropriately and treat people and groups with respect and must not act or speak in a way that may be perceived as bullying, abusive, discriminatory, or derogatory.

Attendees should respect each other’s contribution and not interrupt when someone is speaking.


  • Meetings may occasionally cover information that is not in the public domain, often relating to individuals, organizations, or financial matters.
  • It is the responsibility of each individual to ensure that this information remains confined to the meeting unless prior authorization has been given by the Chair for this to be discussed elsewhere.

Executive Sponsor:

  • The executive sponsor of the Campus Safety Committee is the AVP of Business Operations

List of Chair(s) by Title or Description:

  • Chair: Director-EH&S
  • Vice Chairs: Director-OES, Chief-UPD, Director-ERM

List of Automatic Members Based on Job title or Description:

  • Director, Environment, Health, and Safety
  • Health and Safety Managers
  • Environmental Compliance Managers
  • Environment, Health, and Safety Specialists
  • Risk Manager or delegate
  • Workers Compensation Manager
  • Business Continuity Program Manager
  • Director-OES
  • E-PREP Coordinator-OES
  • Labor Representatives from all labor groups
  • Building Coordinators (BCs)
  • Building Emergency Response Coordinators (BERCs)
  • Safety Coordinators (Organization’s Safety Points of Contact - SPOCs)
  • UPD Chief or delegate
  • Director-Student Health Services or delegate
  • VP-Facilities Services
  • Manager - Fire/Life Safety